How we make them

BJD in studio frameTowels are designed from original photo art.

Cotton canvas towel fabric is printed by Spoonflower, Inc. in North Carolina.

Microfiber terry towel fabric is printed by Contrado in England.

Each towel is hand finished by bjdk at her studio in Michigan.



IMG_3496Linen cotton canvas

This sturdy fabric makes amazing hand and dish towels. When new it is stiff to the touch, but with each washing it becomes soft and more absorbent. Seams are turned in double and reinforce at the corners for strength.

We recommend cool wash, delicate cycle, line dry and iron on the back of the printed fabric if desired. As with any fabric, some shrinkage may occur.

IMG_3462Microfiber terry toweling

Oh, so soft, it’s hard to put down. We hem the edges once to prevent unraveling, then turn it under to give each towel a nice, finished look.

We recommend cool wash on a gentle cycle, and air-drying and occasional brushing to fluff!  Please, no bleach or fabric softener.